Why in this small journey of life our everything is afterward but the priority is given to health as being an important supporting factor to our life if our health is suffering from any disorder it means we are making the age of lifespan less that's the reason we take up so much pressure and search hundreds of tips to make our self healthy from food to gym workout from yoga meditation to every bit of change a person can carry to make it soul live healthy forever.

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From taking any medicines to cure health and be precautionary towards any disorder to gaining knowledge from sites to improve health. As health is an important factor so on the things from food water to many other clueful addictive things should be examined before eating or inhaling it because health would damage you but the family dependence on you also could be harmed it’s better to change now with the education awareness we all have about health from Health education programs help empower individuals and communities to live healthier lives by improving their physical, mental, emotional and social health by increasing their knowledge and influencing their attitudes about caring for their well-being.

Health is very much precious till death because if a soul is strong then it can ignore the disorder and could have the ability to move on but sometimes due to a weak body we get to run on hospitals just due to the rational things we have taken from alcohol to smoking from that to various cheap foods which have just damage our organs that lead to decrease in income or funds saved for betterment and enjoyment could get pour in health treatment there are various mediums from stress to depression from bad social health to difficult emotional torment to physical activity lacks and cause another health issue its better to have changed rather than getting chance in future.

Just think Why had been health insurance is taken by a poor to rich person just because health is an overall prior lifestyle route to people health may be a common thing in everyone life but not the same easy to handle it fat people diet to make sure that in future they not gain disorder like diabetes, gallbladder, hypertension, or to gain some good health with healthy foods that safe them from food poison, chronic disease, cardiovascular disease, and such many hidden reasons cause people to start making their health better and avoiding junks to every day held kinds of stuff like AVOID: Refined Grains white flour, pizza bread, bread, bun, fried snacks, baked stuff, to food which include sugary ingredients as that can cause liver disease, to high blood pressure, fatty fat and increase the risk to our health by heart attacks, stroke. Same the story with salt not to eat extra salted or spicy it may arise difficulty with a heart issue




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Ishita Yadav

Allowing my soul to explore wander write down whatever blooms in my mind. just wanna make sure that my thoughts get a stage, my hands a space to dance along.